Recyclability of packaging and goods

Assessment and certification – labelling - optimisation

Recycling is an important element in the sustainable use of resources. Recyclability can be determined for single packaging as well as for goods. It is an individual attribute and, as a gradual indicator, an expression and instrument of applied product responsibility.


Assessing recyclability can provide critical information for the optimisation of packaging and goods. For this it is necessary to create a scientifically proven, comprehensible and transparent basis for requirements and evaluation criteria.

The Institute cyclos-HTP has designed a catalogue for requirements and evaluation (Catalogue R & E) for assessing and certifying the recyclability of packaging and goods. Based on the requirements of the catalogue will

  • packaging materials be analysed,

  • sorting, processing and recycling capabilities be tested,

  • certificates and reports be issued, and

  • (if desired) authorisation for use of a label be granted.



Assessment and certification of recyclability of packaging and goods

By recognising recyclability as the interface between product design and recycling, it becomes an essential element of applied product responsibility. The Institute cyclos-HTP has developed an evaluation method to determine the recyclability of packaging and goods in a reliable, standardised process.

Award and use of the label

The result of the assessment and certification can be communicated through the use of a label. If desired, the Institute cyclos-HTP grants authorisation for the use of the copyrighted and trademarked label.

Workshops and training

Recyclability is the central element of implementing a resource-friendly product responsibility and the interface between product design and recycling. The Institute cyclos-HTP offers workshops and trainings on this topic.

Research and development

Product design, manufacturing processes and recycling techniques are subject to constant technical developments and interactions. The Institute cyclos-HTP actively accompanies research projects in the respective areas.